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Empower your customers to create and discover meaningful content.


Start something great. Start your own customer network.


  1. Double your customer satisfaction
  2. Get up to 90% traffic from search engines
  3. Let your customers create content people really care about
  4. Give your enthusiastic customers a place to follow their hearts' desire.



Brandslisten Customer Networks

Customer Inspiration Made Easy

Brandslisten cloud-based Customer Networks provide an integrated and complete set of applications to create, engage, and manage digital relations to prospectives and customers.

Brandslisten makes it easy to engage customers throughout corporate website, products, and mobile apps – fully customized according to branding guidelines.

Our open platform builds smoothly on existing infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with enterprise workflows and key business systems like CRM, contact center, loyalty, knowledge bases, and customer portals.


bloogTrue interactions 

True features

User feed

Registered users get a newsfeed tailored to their personal interests.

Questions & answers

Users can ask questions and offer answers to others peoples’ issues in a public forum with space for discussion.


More than 100 active data points are available for external applications at any time.  


Create public and private groups; use the personal invitation function to select participants.  

Ratings & feedback

Want to know how satisfied your customers are? Ask them! Reviews and ratings make levels of satisfaction visible.  


Implement points schemes and status levels which suit your brand and motivate users in a targeted way.


Take content, community activities, and interaction to your customers using our range of fully customisable widgets, 100% synched in real time.  

SEO ready

We optimize over 100 SEO relevant parameters for our clients, meaning that content published using Brandslisten is always trimmed for the best possible placement in response to search engine requests.

True benefits

Real time insights

Organize and manage customer feedback efficiently, easily identify what your users want, and take action.

Build your own social network

We help you listen to your customer and turn their feedback into actionable data to drive marketing and customer loyality.

Engaged customers

Create, manage and integrate customer engagement across touch points, allowing you to leverage their knowledge and reward their motivation to support each other.

Websites become live destinations

Harness customer engagement and knowledge to attract visitors, increase buyer confidence, and crowdsource support.

Give your CRM a boost

Integrate seamlessly with enterprise workflows like CRM, contact center, loyalty services, knowledge bases, and customer portals.

Countable results

Gain leads, reduce costs, improve sales, develop better customer relationships and drive innovation

Built for relevant content

Engaging Magazines and Articles are the backbone of every customer relationship – which is why Brandslisten provides a high-performance CMS with state-of-the-art frontends, helping you to get the reach you need for your corporate and user narratives.

Built to build context

What are your customers interested in? With Brandslisten SaaS, you’ll get a precise profile of every user, showing their activity, preferences, and product choices. Use this data, updated daily, to personalise your messages in real time – meaning that your customers always get the information they were expecting from you.

Built for social commerce 

Build a community destination for your products that gather all information revolving around a certain product. Learn which products your customers are interested in. Find out who is an existing product expert or user.

  • Profiling.
    Who are your users? Using over 500 data points, we can tell you – in real time, exportable into CRM/ERP systems via API.
  • Community management.
    What is happening in your community? Monitoring, help desk, and analytics functionality offer real-time tracking.
  • Marketing automation
    Find out which products are of interest to which customers – and start targeting users with more precision than ever before.
  • API
    More than 100 active data points are available for external applications at any time.
  • Partner integration
    Brandslisten partners can always use whichever function it is they need to reach their current goals.

brandslisten workflow tool

True values

Experts. With experience

+ 6years of experience in building successful communities with millions of users

API First

Our API helps building a seamless customer experience across websites, widgets, mobile apps, partner sites, and social media environments.

Flexible architecture

Modern SaaS-architecture, scalable infrastructure and modular integration into your specific channels & systems.

Security you can trust

Engineered & hosted in Germany, ISO/IEC 27001 certified, 99.7% uptime guaranteed.





  • Frontend Engineer (JavaScript und CSS) (m/w)

  • Senior Frontend Engineer (JavaScript und CSS) (m/w)

  • Werkstudent im Bereich QA (m/w)

  • Software Engineer Ruby on Rails (m/w)

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